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Make Your Own Hard Cider Float

Hard Cider Float - Ice Cream and Fruit Wine

This week's Happy Hour at Great Shoals included Hard Cider Floats and they were a hit! This fun fruit wine cocktail is easy to make at home.

All you need is ice cream and hard cider. Add one or two scoops of ice cream to a glass and top with hard cider.

At our tasting room in St. Michaels, we paired all of the ciders with vanilla ice cream to let the cider flavor remain a focus, but you can get creative with your pairings at home. Imagine chocolate ice cream with our Hard Blackberry cider!

You can also get creative with garnishes for your drink. Planning a fall party? Try a Ginger Hard Cider float with a ginger snap garnish!

Find all of the hard ciders and wine available in our St. Michaels tasting room here

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