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Strange Wine Pairings from Stranger Things

Strange Wine Pairings inspired by Stranger Things

Photo created at Make It Stranger

Stranger Things is back and we are ready to celebrate!!

Many people are planning to binge this popular show this weekend and we thought this would be a great time to address two frequent questions at Great Shoals Cellars in St. Michaels, MD is "What would this wine pair well with?" or "Which wine pairs well with ____?"

First of all, never hesitate to drink what you like with the food you like! It is true, a great wine pairing can bring out unique flavors in both the food and wine, but never let that hold you back from enjoying a particular drink or food. It is extremely rare that a pairing would actually ruin the flavor of your food or drink.

Having said that, our tasting room staff generally recommend the Like Sticks To Like Rule. Light dishes work well with light bodied wines. Heavier dishes can stand up to a bold wine. Having dessert? Enjoy a sweet wine with your sweeter dishes!

So, keeping these rules in mind, lets take a look at pairing ideas for some of the more popular foods presented in Stranger Things to help you plan your weekend binge party!


The Perfect Wine For Burgers

Celebrate the return of Stranger Things with a burger and this wine pairing!

Photo courtesy of Bustle

Benny won answers from Eleven with a delicious burger and we are here to answer the question - which wine pairs well with burgers?

A classic cheeseburger is a standby comfort food but pairing with a red wine, featuring well structured tannins, gives this grilled favorite a grown-up appeal.

We recommend the Great Shoals Cabernet Franc.


The Perfect Wine for Chocolate Pudding

Stranger Things Chocolate Pudding and Wine Pairing

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Do you love chocolate pudding as much as Dustin does? This afternoon snack can become an adult treat with the perfect wine pairing!

The thing to remember with chocolate is - the lighter the chocolate, the sweeter the flavor. So you will want to pair a milk chocolate pudding with a light sweet wine!

We recommend the Great Shoals Castaway - a smooth and sweet Sauvignon Blanc. You could also try Great Shoals Blackberry Cider! This delicious fruit wine has a lightly tart flavor that would add a fun contrast to the milk chocolate taste.


The Perfect Wine For Eggos

Photo Courtesy of ScreenerTv

Everybody knows, Eleven loves her Eggos! Whether you are enjoying this easy-does-it breakfast as part of a binge party or for Sunday brunch, adding a glass of wine will make this retro treat even more delicious!

If you are digging into the nostalgia of Stranger Things, why not lend a nod to traditional mimosas? A sparkling white mixed with orange juice will make this breakfast combo your new favorite match!

We recommend Great Shoals Whitecaps - Sparkling Vidal Blanc


Want to try some of the recommended wines? Stop by Great Shoals Cellars Tasting Room and Sample Our Wines!

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